Santa Lucia Beach Camaguey Cuba

Santa Lucia Beach Camaguey Cuba

Probably the singular reason vacationer’s visit Santa Lucia is of course it’s amazing 21km (13 miles) of beach. One of Cuba’s longest extensions of sand, it offers truly idyllic scenery and still-untouched beauty. The fine golden-white sand, bathed by warm turquoise waters is always calm due to the extensive reefs of the Jardines del Rey Archipelago which skirts the coastline along the Bahamas Channel, less than 1km from the Santa Lucia coastline. Harboring an astonishing variety of marine life, it has become a major attraction for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving in Cuba. Try to venture out from your hotel and stroll along its compacted sands, you’ll soon arrive at truly virgin territory and secluded coves, ready for you to explore on both land and sea.

Beach at Santa Lucia Cuba

The Santa Lucia beach in Cuba is packed with life; Coconut salesmen, authentic Cuban souvenirs dangling from rickety bicycles, hair braiding, palm leaf hats made while you watch…and more…

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