Bucanero Restaurant Playa Los Coquitos Santa Lucia

Bucanero Restaurant Playa Santa Lucia

Even though you’re probably at an all-inclusive resort in Santa Lucia, there may be one night you fancy something different. The Bucanero Restaurant is located a short distance from the hotel area of Playa Santa Lucia at Playa Los Coquitos, about a 10-20 minute walk from the hotel zone. We like this restaurant because it serves fresh fish (local catch) along with the Cuban staples of Creole dishes, including delicious black beans and rice with either marinates chicken or pork. Most of the resorts along the Santa Lucia Coastline serve lobster rarely, if at all. At the Bucanero Restaurant you can order the succulent garlic butter adorned gigantic lobster for just 22 CUC.

There’s always a live trio playing and dancing salsa is a must. The ambience is truly authentic and its worth taking time-out from your resort for a nice meal at the Bucanero Restaurant in Playa Santa Lucia.

Phone: +53 (32) 365226

Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm

Seating: 80 people